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What Is a Sound Effect?
Sound Effects are recorded, designed and published by the thousands. They can be single isolated sounds, special effects, foley sound FX and background ambiences. Together, these different types of sound fx are found in most of the commercially available sound effects libraries.

Isolated sounds include the sounds of everyday items like doorbells, car horns and telephone rings. Animal sounds, guns sound, doors closing and car tires screeching during a car chase would be other good examples of isolated sounds.

Special effects include sounds that are designed to be used for objects and places that exist in our imaginations. You might use special effects in cartoon, fantasy and science fiction productions to stand in for the sound of a space transporter, a genie's brass lamp, or for cartoon animal sounds.

Foley Sound FX are named after Jack Foley. The effects are designed to simulated everyday and extreme sounds for synchronization and audio sound replacement usage in motion pictures. Without the magic of Foley, you would never hear someone's footsteps in a film - these and many other sounds must be dubbed in again on the film's soundtrack in order to be heard by the audience.

Longer background ambience tracks provide the basic environment for a production that makes the listener really feel like he is in a courtroom, a church, a train station, a thunderstorm or a jungle.

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Sound Effects
Free Sound Effects Link.    

Free Sound Effects
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A unique selection of professional sound effects from comedy burps to Howitzers.

StockMusic Sound Effects Link.    

Sound Effects for Download offers more than 110,000 sound effects in broadcast wav and mp3 320 formats covering everything from Alarms to Zippers and everything in between.  Great pricing starts at $2.49 per effect.

Subscription downloads of royalty free music    

Subscription Downloads of Sound Effects

Over 200,000 tracks of Sound Effects and Royalty Free Music available by subscription or as individual track downloads - download 50 sound effect or music tracks for $9.99/month

Sound Idea's Sound Effects Link.    

CDs, Hard Drives and Downloads of Sound Effects Collections

A large volume of professional sound effect collections available from Sound Ideas from Ambience and Audience Reactions through to Transportation and Voices - from the best in the business!