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What Is a Production Element?
A production element is a sound effect - and is also known as an imaging element. It is an audio clip that is used to sweeten a recorded production, usually for radio broadcast intros, promos, transitions and attention grabbers. Production elements sound effects are provided as either backgrounds or as punctuation to highlight a message, and are often relatively abstract sound effects, not actual identifiable ones. Although the element may use a sound effect as its basis (though not necessarily so) that sound effect is stretched, pitched, flanged, bent and designed to suit a specific use.

The category names for production elements are as varied as the audio engineers that create them. For example, the following terms have been developed by sound library designers and developers to classify the kind of sound effects you will generally find in an elements sound library collection:
• attacks & sustains
• beds & pads
• bumpers & dissolves
• IDs, intros & logos
• punctuators & enhancers
• sounders & stagers
• stinger & sweeper
• work parts and, of course, the ever popular whoosh

A production elements sound library can also contain communications sound effects like a computer, fax & modem sound effect, electronics, microphone feedback, radio tuning & static, record groove noise, signals & interference, tape recorders, telemetry and telephone dial tones and ringtones. Sound effects are also a popular addition to a production elements sound library, especially very popular sounds like science fiction, transportation, weapons and machinery.

Let’s Not Forget Musical Elements
A Musical Elements sound library includes short musical melodies, brief musical chords (riffs or licks) or the sounds of a musical instrument being played without accompaniment.

These short sound effect clips of music and instrumentation are often used to introduce the beginning of a presentation or bring it to a close. They are also used to provide backdrops to a voiceover or as transitions from one section to another of a broadcast, a feature film, or any other kind of audio-visual presentation or promo. And, of course, many Production Elements CDs also offer a selection of short music tracks that have also been designed for punchy radio use - rock and guitar riffs, segues and sequences are especially popular.

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Production Elements
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